about us

JT Designers is an Indianapolis based firm, which provides planning and design consulting services.  Our firm is based upon the principals that with the right “people” working in harmony on any given “project”, then there is no limit to the “possibilities” that can be achieved.  We take a practical approach to working thru a project, and see the challenges as inspiration points, or launch pads to creative thinking and design.

JT has developed a core group of individuals that help facilitate the planning and design process, and minimize the negative impacts or potential pitfalls in a project.  The founder of the company, John Bennett, is a graduate of the University of North Carolina, College of Architecture.  He has spent many years in the field of planning and design, and has managed a vast scope of work from small tenant build-outs, to large scale religious facilities.  Prior to starting JT, with his wife Tamara; John was Vice President of A/E Technologies, a firm he spent 14 years with.  During this time he honed his skills for problem solving and focused on bridging the gap from secular to religious facilities.  With this unique approach, he has found ways to help struggling sections of the economy for mutual benefit.

JT has also developed several strong relationships with architectural, civil engineering, building engineering, and specialty system firms in an effort to help its clients with all portions of the project.  Through these associations we are able to help clients in all portions of the United States, as well as Canada, and Guam.  These individuals are nationally recognized and work with some of the largest companies in the country. 

Further, we have connections in real estate and funding, so we can help you find ways to evaluate the green of the budget, as well as the beige of the carpet.   These professionals can help with fund raising as well if needed, and are willing to work the program to fit the need, not the other way around.

Finally, we have construction connections nationwide.  We have directly overseen building renovation and remodel work on a local scale, and have directed via digital management work in several other states.

Creation is an act of will.  You must have the desire and the talent to bring the built form to life.  However this must be tempered with the human factor.  No one man can foresee or oversee everything, and in that vein, “opportunities” can and will arise.  JT has effectively and efficiently addressed every issue that may have come it’s way, and has never left a project or a client hanging.  We still believe in the character of a name, and that’s why John and Tamara put their name to the test every day.  Let JT help you express the character of your name.