Planning and Zoning:

The first steps are crucial to seeing any project go smoothly. We can help you evaluate a potential project site for unforeseen issues, such as setbacks, easements, zoning use restrictions or other legal constraints. We help you avoid the “great deal” property that really wasn’t.
In conjunction with our analysis, we are also able to help represent you at the various governmental agencies. Many times, the local Planning Department will require graphic representation of a project as part of its initial review. Further, some areas require a full digital presentation. JT can stand beside you in this process and act as your advocate, in order to not get lost in the paperwork and red tape.

We package this area of work as a stand-alone style package. In this way you are not tied into bigger costs for a non-practical project. Proposals can be written on an hourly or set limit agreement to fit your need.

Concept and Feasibility Analysis:

Many organizations know they have a need, but are not sure how to figure out what they need. Good design isn’t just about adding square footage. JT will sit with you, analyze your existing facility and give you direction on the actualities of your needs rather than the perception --an outside unbiased view. Our review will study more than just area needs, but also traffic flow and adjacency arrangements to make the facility more functional.
These studies are directed, but “conceptual” so everything in the discussion is still fluid. The discussion is led to pull ideas from your team. We never push a design on you, but rather help you express your creativity.

This scope of work is known as our “Pre-Design” package, and if necessary you can stop here. The basic package will provide you with a Master Site Plan, Phase One Site Plan, Floor Plan(s), and Exterior Elevation. This allows you to step back and take a look at what has been fleshed out. Should you more forward with us to construction drawings, we will credit a portion of this fee, towards the fees associated with final drawings.

Construction Document Services:

JT has a solid network of design and engineering professionals that are registered all across the United States. In this way we are not limited to just one area of the country; we are willing to come to you. Full certified documents can be provided for Architectural, Structural, Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical drawings. We will also coordinate with a local civil engineer of your choosing to have a completely coordinated and comprehensive set of documents. Further, for those projects that require Audio and Visual packages, we will provide those documents as well.

Final documents will be provided in PDF and paper format, to help make it as simple as possible to construct your project.

Additional Services:

JT can provide all the tools you need to help sell your project to the most difficult client: the financing agency. Whether it is a bank, credit union, or you are self financing through your membership, people want to see what they are loaning- “or giving” towards. We have the ability to provide Virtual Animations, Renderings, Panorama Images, or Digital Presentations (Powerpoint).

We are also providing UCD-“ Uncertified Construction Documents:” sets of plans to allow you analyze construction costs in relation to the overall project. JT has developed several stock plans that we can provide you with a reduced cost. These documents are not certified, but comprehensive enough to obtain bids. You can dream with limited risk.